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Episode 42 - Do I Have To Be “High Vibe” All the Time to Manifest?"

September 04, 2023 Danya Douglas Hunt Season 1 Episode 42
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 42 - Do I Have To Be “High Vibe” All the Time to Manifest?"
Show Notes

The term “manifestation” gets thrown around like a dirty word, when really its transforming thoughts into reality. Seriously, the phone you are listening to this on right now was once a thought and now it’s in your hand. Now a question I often hear is – “Do you have to be high vibe all the time to manifest in your desires?” What if I just feel like sh*t… or am horrible sick... or just took a hit financially… how the heck am I supposed to be “high vibe” through that? Short answer... YOU DON'T. But you do need this.

Tune in as we explore the world of manifestation – talking about the laws of vibration and frequency, along with practical examples to help us dispel misconceptions around it. This conversation is all about understanding the true essence of manifestation and how it relates to our daily lives.

Law of Vibration: Energy, Frequency, and Your Reality

Everything in existence, including yourself, is made up of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. Your dominant state and emotions emit a frequency that resonates with similar energies in the universe, influencing the experiences you attract into your life.

Power of Beliefs and Identity in Manifestation

Your beliefs drive your actions, emotions, and outcomes. They form the foundation of your identity and are essential in shaping your reality. By aligning your beliefs with your conscious desires, you can shift your dominant vibration over time.

Internal World Shapes External Reality

Your external reality is a mirror reflecting your internal reality. The universe responds to your dominant vibration and beliefs, mirroring them in your experiences. If you notice patterns of negativity or challenges, it's an opportunity to explore and shift your underlying beliefs that may be attracting those experiences.

Shifting Reality: Embracing Change and Gestation

Instant manifestation might sound appealing, but the gestation period serves a purpose. It allows time for introspection, refinement, and alignment with your desires. When your internal world transforms, your external world follows suit.

Going Within for Transformation

The path to manifesting your desires starts with introspection. Examine your beliefs, challenge societal programming, and clear emotional turmoil. Going within to align your beliefs with your desires is the catalyst for change. 

Manifestation is not about being relentlessly positive. It's about embracing your full range of emotions while maintaining a consistent, dominant vibration aligned with your desires. By tuning into your internal frequency, and going within for transformation, you can reshape your reality and manifest the life you envision. Stay curious, open, and ready to explore the boundless possibilities that lie ahead!

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