Play Bigger with Danya

Episode 33 - Real, Raw, Unfiltered Self Coaching Through a Pivot and Mind Drama

July 10, 2023 Danya Douglas Hunt
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 33 - Real, Raw, Unfiltered Self Coaching Through a Pivot and Mind Drama
Show Notes

I mentioned to a few of you that I self coach ALL the time, and some of you asked what this looks like.. Well here is one version of it - unfiltered, raw and truly in the moment. I was out on a walk and just noticed some energy in my body and some fun thoughts and so I immediately jumped into “self coaching”...then I thought this might be helpful for you to see. Recognizing that no matter who we are, how much “work” we have done, even if this is our field of expertise (cough cough ME) we are all human, we all have these thoughts, we all have blind spots. What I want you to notice the questions that intuitively come up for me…this isn’t a set framework…this looks different every time, sometimes shorter sometimes longer. I know I am “done” when there is a shift in my mind and state. my energy and vibration has shifted. I feel clear and free and I know my next step.

The essence is this:

  1. awareness (observe the thought or the body)
  2. recognize it’s not useful for me and causing resistance
  3. challenge my thinking
  4. what is my brain trying to protect me from
  5. challenge perspectives, beliefs, thoughts
  6. check to see if there is any resistance preventing me from moving forward (don’t lie to yourself lol)
  7. reframe, shift perspectives, shift the belief, find evidence 
  8. game plan, anchor it in action from a clear and free place

Now this works for me 95% of the time. I am able to shift my mind and state within minutes. It didn't always used to be this way. It was intentional practice. The times where I am spinning and feel like I'm IN it and can’t coach myself out of it I reach out for help. I get coaching. I do NOT stay in this for more than a day (less if possible). because the more time I spend “wasting” in emotional turmoil, disempowered state, mind drama aka fight or flight. The less time I am spending in creativity, solutions, seeing possibilities, my intuition, growing my business making more money and impact…. with ease, freedom and fulfillment.

What is it costing you in time, energy, emotional sanity, money for you to stay stuck in settling, frustration, emotional turmoil, triggered, perfectionism, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, pressure, fear, etc. knowing what that does to your mind, body and business?

Girl, we don't got time for that! We are up to big ass things. The only thing that is going to get in your way, the only thing that place limits on YOU. But law of polarity shows us that we can’t have one without the other…aka you can’t have darkness without light, up without down, etc. which MEANS you are also the solution!

Your external world, your results aka the “effect” is a direct reflection of your inner world. if we want different results, a different effect…we must address it at the root CAUSE…aka YOU! Get back into your power baby and PLAY BIGGER!

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