Play Bigger with Danya

Episode 31 - Mastering the 1% Edge: How to Approach Growth and Achieve More

June 26, 2023 Danya Douglas Hunt Season 1 Episode 31
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 31 - Mastering the 1% Edge: How to Approach Growth and Achieve More
Show Notes

The results you get are a byproduct of the actions you take. The actions you take are a byproduct of your state and your thoughts. Those states and thoughts are driven from your internal beliefs, identities, and values. So my question back to you right now is, who do you need to be in order to get the results you desire?

In this new episode, we explore the relationship between the results we desire and the actions we take. We dive into the importance of understanding our internal beliefs, identities, and values, as they shape our state of mind and thoughts. We also discuss the reasons behind this disconnect and the need for personal transformation to align with our dreams and goals. 

Working harder or trying more tactics may not be the ultimate solution to achieving our desired results; and so, we will delve into how to tap into the mindset, beliefs, and decision-making process of that future self to transform our current reality. I will also share with you the importance of introspection – finding our genuine purpose and passion to fuel our journey - so we can ensure alignment with our true desires.

This episode also discusses the significance of challenging and reprogramming these beliefs to create new neural pathways and transform our external world; and the importance of being present in the moment and tuning into our intuition.

Embracing our future selves, challenging intentions, discovering our genuine why, and observing with intention are essential steps on this transformative path. Remember, the results you desire are within your reach when you become the person who already has them.

Key Points

  • Recognizing the Disconnect: Setting goals and desiring certain outcomes is important, but many people struggle with embodying those desires. 
  • Going Beyond Hard Work and Strategies: While hard work and strategies are essential, reaching the next level requires more than just putting in more effort.
  • Embodying the Future Self: To manifest our desires, we need to become the version of ourselves who already has what we seek. 
  • Uncovering Personal Why: It's crucial to evaluate our underlying reasons for pursuing specific goals. Is our why authentic and aligned with our core values, or are we chasing someone else's expectations?
  • Being Present and Following Intuition: By following the nudges and energizing factors, we can uncover our true desires and embark on a fulfilling path aligned with our authentic selves.

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