Play Bigger with Danya

Episode 24 - Ever Take Things Personally Even When You Don’t Want To?

April 10, 2023 Danya Douglas Hunt
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 24 - Ever Take Things Personally Even When You Don’t Want To?
Show Notes

As an entrepreneur, have you ever found yourself triggered by someone's words or behavior? Maybe it led to feelings of fear, anger, stress, or anxiety. Maybe it has brought about memories from the past that you’ve been avoiding. Maybe it affected you to the point that it ruined your entire day. Just like you, I still often find myself in these kinds of situations.

In this podcast episode, we'll explore how shifting your perspective can help you become "unfuckwithable" - a term that means staying in your power and not letting external factors impact how you think and show up. By staying in your power, you can navigate challenges with clarity, creativity, intuition, and logic. You can stay calm and centered, even when things around you are chaotic. And having this kind of mindset will help you to move your business forward, take risks, put offers out there, and pivot when necessary.

It's natural to have a "poor me” perspective when you're triggered. But by consciously shifting your perspective, you can break free from this limiting mindset. It's important to recognize any resistance or triggers you may have and take steps to improve your thoughts, feelings, and responses to events.

In this episode, I will also be sharing examples of triggers and how to shift your perspective consciously. We will also dive deep into the importance of recognizing and addressing any scarcity mindset you may have so you can overcome your fears and achieve your goals with more income, impact, fulfillment, and freedom. Join us in this episode as we explore how to become "unfuckwithable" and how to take control of your life and your entrepreneurial journey amidst all the triggers that may come!

Key points:

  • External triggers can impact our thoughts, emotions, and physiology. If we don’t know how to navigate through them, they can negatively ruin our day, affect our business decisions, cause delays in our plans, and paralyze us from moving forward.
  •  “Poor me” thinking can hold us back, but shifting our perspective can help us move forward and achieve success. Shifting our perspective can create space and disassociation to create change in the way triggers affect us.
  •  Becoming unfuckwithable means staying in your power and navigating external challenges with clarity and calm. Conscious perspective shifts can help us overcome resistance and triggers and improve our mindset

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