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Episode 22 - Consciously, I Know It’s Possible BUT For Some Reason, I Don’t Move Forward WTF…

March 27, 2023 Danya Douglas Hunt
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 22 - Consciously, I Know It’s Possible BUT For Some Reason, I Don’t Move Forward WTF…
Show Notes

Do you consciously know it’s possible BUT your subconscious tells you it’s not? Are you stuck in your entrepreneurial journey because of this? You might be conscious of the fact that you want to increase your prices, but you still end up not doing it. You might be aware that you struggle with meeting expectations or letting yourself down, but simply understanding where your issues are isn't enough to fix them. Awareness is the first step, but it's not the only thing that helps us move forward. 

We will also dive deep into the importance of addressing the subconscious beliefs and blocks that keep us stuck. Until we do this, we will typically get the same results such as hitting the same income plateau every month. However, all our limitations are self-imposed, which means we get to break them, change them, and rewire them. 

We cannot control external factors, but we can control our intention, where we place our attention and energy, and regulate our nervous system. This is where the magic happens. Flipping our perspective on this can be exciting because we break through our self-imposed limitations, take back our control, and finally move forward. 

Key points:

  • Being aware of problems is the first step but not enough to fix them. There are subconscious beliefs and blocks that need to be addressed in order for you to move forward.
  • Our conscious mind and subconscious mind do not usually connect and communicate the same message with each other, and this is causing us to get stuck.
  • Hitting a plateau in income or progress are limitations that we often impose upon ourselves. But we have the power to break, rewire and reprogram these so we can take steps further in our entrepreneurial journey

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