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Episode 08 - Why Awareness Alone Isn't Enough: Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Patterns

November 24, 2022 danya
Play Bigger with Danya
Episode 08 - Why Awareness Alone Isn't Enough: Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Patterns
Show Notes

Are you self-aware but still struggling to make progress in your personal or professional life? In this podcast, we’ll explore why awareness alone is not the answer and what’s really holding you back. Self-awareness is a great starting point, but it’s not enough on its own to bring about lasting change. By understanding the root cause of our issues and acknowledging the resistance to change from our brains, we can begin to move past self-awareness and make real progress in our lives. We’ll give examples of self-aware clients who are unable to move past their issues and delve into the root causes of what’s preventing us from making lasting change. Tune in to this podcast to learn how to move past self-awareness and create lasting change in your life.

Key Notes:

  • What prevents us from moving forward despite self-awareness is that we haven’t gotten to the root cause of the issue
  • Our brain doesn’t like change and is designed to protect us, leading to resistance to change
  • We often compare ourselves to others and feel like we should already be farther along and so we can’t move forward
  • To move past self-awareness, get to the root cause of the issue by understanding the mind and the thoughts driving our behaviors
  • It is important that we recognize and acknowledge the resistance to change coming from our brains
  • It is essential to ask for a support system and accountability to help us stay on track and make progress towards our goals

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